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My Holiday single! John Lennon's "Happy Christmas(War is over)" is now available at www.giawarner.com and on itunes. It's also available as a ringtone for your devices. Find it on the itunes Music Ap on all iphones and for other phones, as an Mp3 download on the music page of my website. Follow your device directions for adding ringtones.

My cool dad and I have been having some fun summer shows! Our Shain Park Concert and Dream Cruise event for Wells Fargo both had perfect weather.

We had a long talk with Mother Nature on this crazy, windy day! She agreed to to play nice if we rocked out "Let it Be" and "Sweet Child of Mine". We did and she kept her word. The sun even came out right over us! Northville Rocks!

Ain't no party like a Detroit Party! The GWB Rockin' on the Detroit River front for the RiverDays Festival.

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